This is Then.: A Collection of Clean Science Fiction Romance Short Stories

In this collection of four stories, C.E. Wilson introduces readers to a time before Rogan fell in love with Chloe, before Bree met Fitz and before Monica hated Asists…

A cocky brat finds out there are worse things her father can do than cheating on her mother… A lonely country boy in the city finds a friend where he least expected it… A tiny Asist who’s been through hell and back gets more than she imagined with a kind owner… and a young woman realizes that there’s more science than fiction when it comes to activating an Asist for the first time.

A collection of clean science fiction romances, This is Then. delivers a quick glimpse back into a word where Artificial Intelligence not only exists amongst people, are hidden amongst them as well.

Book categories: Science Fiction Romance and Young Adult