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This is Then. Releases May 23rd



This is Then.: A Collection of Clean Science Fiction Romance Short Stories

May 23rd

Asists are machines, imitations of human life. But can their feelings be artificial when they seem so real?

In this collection of four stories, C.E. Wilson introduces readers to a time before Rogan fell in love with Chloe, before Bree met Fitz and before Monica hated Asists…

A cocky brat finds out there are worse things her father can do than cheating on her mother… A lonely country boy in the city finds a friend where he least expected it… A tiny Asist who’s been through hell and back gets more than she imagined with a kind owner… and a young woman realizes that there’s more science than fiction when it comes to activating an Asist for the first time.

A collection of clean science fiction romances, This is Then. delivers a quick glimpse back into a word where Artificial Intelligence not only exists amongst people, are hidden amongst them as well.

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posted by C.E. Wilson on May, 09