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Newletter Sign Up!!

Hey guys!

I hope if you haven't already signed up for my newsletter that you will do so now because... I'm giving away free copies of "To Nowhere"!!

With over sixty reviews on Amazon, this is a great bargain and by signing up for my newsletter, you'll receive the latest updates on new releases, sales and giveaways!

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posted by C.E. Wilson on August, 26

The Promise is $0.99


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What does it mean to be human?

Lily Evans is about to find out. On what should have been a day of great happiness she is diagnosed with a rare and unbelievable disease: she is shrinking, possibly without limit.

As her life starts to spin out of control and the world starts to grow around her at an uncontrollable rate she is forced to confront her greatest fear - losing the man whom she loved from the moment she saw him.

posted by C.E. Wilson on August, 23

Release Day is Tomorrow

So... This is Me. releases tomorrow and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Though I'm not exactly sure what I'm so nervous about sometimes. I know that I'm still building a brand here, so I'm not expecting hundreds of sales, you know?

I guess... what I'm looking for is growth. I want to know that I'm always moving forward and that each time I publish a new book, I'll sell a little bit more than the last one, and hopefully get a few more new subscribers to my newsletter. That's really all I want, and even though I'm pretty sure that this book will do better than the last, there's always that feeling that it won't be enough, you know?

I put my heart and soul into my work and all I want is for some people to buy it... and maybe like it. Hehe, maybe even love it and want to try something else by me. That's really all I'm asking for. LOL... such a little thing, right?

But yeah, I just wanted to say that.
Tomorrow is release day... and I'll admit it... I'm nervous.

posted by C.E. Wilson on August, 10